Car Parking Charges in Portchester
Fareham Borough Council starts charging for Parking in Portchester

This evening we watched the live meeting from Fareham Borough Council of the calling in of the decision of the charging in Portchester Coastal Carpark. The Calling In of this meeting was made by Cllr Geoff Fazackarley (independent) Cllr Roger Price (lib dems) and Cllr Jean Kelly (lib dem) The Calling In Decision was made …

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Who are fig?

Fareham Independent Group or (FIG) have been going since March 2021 to campaign for more Democracy in Fareham and the way things are run.

On the right is a short video of some things we have been doing, so keep checking the site for updates.

Click anywhere in this box to find out more about FIG, or go to the Who We Are page


Fareham Independent Group (FIG) are a group of independent people who want to bring people together to build a stronger community allowing them to have more say.  Fareham has many different organisations; however, we believe we can make the best of our Town if we all work more closely together.  

The Independent group on Fareham Borough Council is not a political party, it is a group formed from across the political spectrum who believe Fareham residents aspirations come first instead of personal political ambitions.  Members are willing and happy to work together across the political divide in the interests of Fareham residents.  

To strengthen the Independent group on FBC and move the Council to a more democratic way of working requires your support.  The group are just ordinary people who want to make a difference and have become tired of the way our Council functions. 

The campaign for the 2022 elections starts now. You are more than welcome to become a supporter. Why not put your name forward to be included on the list of aspiring Potential Candidates.  Note: All candidates will be properly vetted. Change needs you to be part of it, be part of change.

We want to build on what has been achieved in the last 15 months by offering fresh faces, a fresh approach, and more innovation and most of all a new way of running a Town Council that benefits all who live in Fareham Borough. We do not want to be the shadow party/group we want to be the lead Group to benefit you the residents.

If you share our aims, we would like to hear from you.

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