Car Parking Charges in Portchester

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This evening we watched the live meeting from Fareham Borough Council of the calling in of the decision of the charging in Portchester Coastal Carpark. The Calling In of this meeting was made by Cllr Fazackarley (independent) Cllr Price (lib dems) and Cllr Kelly (lib dem)

The Calling In Decision was made on 5 points.

The Executive Member did not fully consider people’s rights to attend his decision day.

The effect of charging was not fully considered in how it would affect the continuance of the long-standing Portchester Gala which is when all the groups
come together with residents annually.

It did not consider higher charges for coaches so that car parking could be free.

It did not explain how there was increased costs for issuing 3- or 6-month season

tickets compared with 12 month season tickets.

Gave no consideration to volunteers who give their time freely for the church,

sailing club and scouts and will now have to pay for that pleasure.

There were 12 deputations against the charges. None for. Some of the duputations were stopped because they “went of topic”.

The argument from FBC is they went “above and beyond” informing people of the decision day. (I’ve heard those words from a Cllr before) as they only legally have to put a notice on the councils notice board.

They did not respond to the original people who made a deputation, about when the decision day would be.

There was a common point made in the deputation, about the number of volunteers that use the carpark. The scouts, the sailing club and the church. What would happen to the Gala? Cllr Cartwright clarified that they wouldn’t pay for parking this year, but the committee were unable to commit to future years because that had to be held in separate meeting.

We did learn that English Heritage will be getting a percentage of the carparking fees. They backed the original proposal. We don’t know how much they will receive as it is confidentially written on the “pink paper”.

In the end it came to a vote to up hold the charges that Cllr Catwright (cons) introduced.

Chairman of the scrutiny Committee was Cllr Bull (cons).

The vote went as follows.
For the charges: Cllr Bryant (cons) Cllr Pankhurst (cons)

Cllr Englefield (indie)
Cllr Trott (lib dem)

Cllr Harper (cons)

The decision was made to carry on with the charging of the carpark.

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