Cllr Fazackarley Resigns from Conservative Party to go Independent

Dear Residents, Some of you may know me and by the end of the elections you will know me even better, My Name is Geoff Fazackarley. I am the Conservative Councillor for Fareham South. I have held the following positions, Chairman of Public Protection and Vice Chairman of Streetscene within the Council and also held …

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Welborne Secret's

Welborne Secret’s

It is a Secret Cllr Shaun Cunningham on behalf of the Independent Group on Fareham Borough Council attempted to get Welborne debated by the Planning and Development Scrutiny Panel. Sadly there was no will from other panel members to debate due to the sensitivity which surrounds Welborne. The proposals put forward by Shaun Cunningham was …

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Welborne M27 Junction 10

Once again Fareham Borough Councillors are deliberately kept in the dark concerning issues surrounding the funding of J10. On January 27th, Planning Applications – P17/0266OA – WELBORNE LAND NORTH OF FAREHAM was considered by The Planning Committee The officer’s report Updated Officers report Viability report What is astounding is the following …

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Nitrates in Fareham

Nitrate Mitigation Friday the 5th of February Community groups of Warsash / Portchester won a major legal battle in the High Court in London concerning how our Council interprets The Habitats Directive which is enshrined into UK law. The Habitats Directive ensures the conservation of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Wetlands of International …

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Some of us have been donating regularly to the various food distribution centres to help those families suffering from food shortages who have possibly lost their job or been furloughed with an income reduction thus being unable to feed their family as they would wish. Here is just a few of the items being donated …

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Stones from peoples drives on the pavement are a hazard both to wheelchair, scooter, and mobility scooter users as well as painful if you turn your ankle on them. Please sweep them back onto your drive.

Overgrown Shrubbery

Overgrown shrubbery such as this reduces the pavement to walk on thus making it more difficult to move aside when meeting someone coming towards you, quite important with the current social distancing advice.


Notifying FBC or The Salvation Army when the bottle banks or material banks start to overflow and look like this in the above picture!

Grass Verges

Many of our grass verges are being ruined by motorists parking or driving over them. Not only does it look a horrible mess but Streetscene find it exceedingly difficult to mow the remaining area successfully. We are continually informing HCC of these areas as they are responsible for repairing the damage.

Waste Collection

Some residents are concerned that Fareham Borough Council may well introduce a waste collection service (Green Bin) every 3 or 4 weeks rather than 2 The Independent group have no intention of supporting this, every 2 weeks is here to stay.

Elections May 2021

To be elected to serve a community is an honour and a privilege. A councillor is elected to service first his ward and secondly the larger community of Fareham. Councillors are elected to listen and take forward the wishes of their community, engage with them, work to find solutions to issues that may have been …

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Local Plan

Local PlanBlame the government for changing direction……..reality! We need a little honesty from the Leader of Fareham Borough Council. So let the true story begin and let us not be taken in by the fake news which is so common in today’s Fareham’s political leadership, pure theatre others wouldsay a pantomime! Once again, we see …

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