Independent Candidates for May 6th Elections


Cllr Keith Barton

Fareham South

It has been a privilege to serve as your councillor over the last 5 years. This is the first leaflet I have done for some time due to Covid-19 we were not able to deliver anything. Everything was dealt with over email and phone calls and I hope everyone stayed safe during lock down.

To those of you that do not know me I am an Electrical Engineer by trade and later went into I.T. Over the last 15 years I have done lots of Community work on various committees and was a School Governor. I think community work is extremely rewarding which is what led me into standing for public office.

While serving over the last 5 years, I discovered a worsening culture of fear and intimidation within Fareham Council, when councillors attempt to represent their constituents best interests. Several other councillors and I have taken the decision to stand as Independents and formed the Independent Group last March. Conservative Cllr Fazackarley has also resigned to better represent you as an Independent. More local frustrated residents of Fareham tired of a lack of democracy are now putting themselves forward for the first time as candidates through our independent group to give you all a true local democracy.

It was very difficult to have your own mind and to do what was best for the Residents or for Fareham in general. In any party you will always have a whip and your always facing reprisal just for standing up for what is right. The only way to overcome this is to be Independent.

If you want a Councillor that will fight for you and this area, then Residents need to start voting Independent instead of the usual main parties.


Cllr Carolyn Heneghan


I am happy to Vote Independent, who believe in Transparency, Honesty and Integrity, supporting the 7 Principles of Public Life.
Selflessness – Acting solely in terms of public interest.

Integrity – Not acting or taking decisions for financial or other material benefits for themselves, family or friends. A Councillor must declare and resolve any interests and relationships.

Objectivity – Holders of this Office must act and take decisions impartially, fairly, on merit using best evidence and without discrimination or bias.

Accountability – Independent Members are accountable for their decisions and actions & must submit themselves to the scrutiny to ensure this happens.

Openness – Decisions should be taken openly & transparently Information should not be withheld unless stated in law.

Honesty – Truthful.

Members – Behaviour should exhibit these Principles and be willing to challenge poor behaviour whenever and wherever it occurs.


Jeannie Wigmore

Fareham North

Hi, I am Jeannie and I’m putting myself forward in the local Council Elections for Fareham North as an Independent. This is my first time standing for a local election and I am asking for your support and understanding with this.

I am Fareham born and raised and love this town with a passion. In 2016 I moved into the Uplands Estate, having retired from serving for 32 years for Hampshire Constabulary. Whilst at the Constabulary, I was a pioneer for much-needed change in dealing with Domestic Abuse and established the first Domestic Violence Unit in Hampshire.

My no-nonsense approach to life means that I am frightened of no one and believe we are all equal. I believe in total honesty and transparency and will do my utmost to do best by you. I will always take time to listen to your concerns.

I ask you to consider a vote for me on May 6 and you will have a person representing you that you can trust. Trust has to be earned and not a given right.


Geoff Townley


I have lived in various parts of Fareham since 1959 and have lived in the Western Wards since 1980. I had been running my own business since 1995, having previously worked as an engineer and then a senior manager for British Gas.

I have a keen interest in supporting sport in the area, playing cricket for Locks Heath and then having become a cricket coach I formed the Colts section at Locks Heath C. C.

I am a member of the “Taxpayers Alliance”, we campaign for better control of councils spending, including excessive pay for senior management, especially the “Town Clerks” who have been retitled “Chief Executives” and vanity projects.

I have been a supporter of Conservative values which mean “small government”, low taxes and self-reliance, but with a social duty. I am disgusted that Fareham Conservatives have claimed for £10,000 as Covid 19 compensation, when they only have one part time employee and many self-employed people have received nothing.


Aimee White

Titchfield Common

I was born in Fareham and have lived here most of my life, moving back 20 years ago. I have fond memories of growing up here and a lot has changed. After my daughter was born with a disability, I have spent many years as an avid campaigner of disability rights. I have been involved in advocating for inclusive playgrounds in Fareham and Gosport as well as campaigning for Changing Places Toilets nationwide, which are truly inclusive toilets for all disabled people. My campaigning has been very important to myself and my family as we have been standing up for what we believe in.


Jan Mondey

Fareham North West

My name is Jan Mondey and I am standing for the local elections as an Independent candidate for the North West Ward. I have lived in Fareham since I was 4 and back then, Fareham was a busy Market town. Cattle being sold in the old tin shed, and various stall holders around the outside. I went to local schools including Fareham Park Comprehensive (now Henry Cort). I was part of the first-year group in. Left school to work at Plessey’s (now Eaton). Got married at St Peters and St Pauls Church and eventually went on to have 3 children. I returned to work doing various roles to work around my Family. I now work for the NHS and believe me when they talk of the pressures the NHS faces it is all true!


Paul Sturgess

Fareham East

I was born in Portsmouth but moved and finished my education at Prices School and Fareham Technical College. I had a political upbringing; my grandfather was a Councillor in Portsmouth for many years. I was involved in the referendum campaign, campaigning locally for leave.

I have lived in Fareham for fifteen years and love the town. I wish to see it grow but only in a sustainable way. I do not believe there is a need for massive developments such as Welborne or Newlands.

I would like to see the revitalisation of the town centre. There is no simple solution to the demise of our High Street but I believe that if more events were promoted in West St, it would increase footfall and make the shops a more attractive proposition to businesses.

Local politics does not need the party system. Too often Councillors are coerced to toe the party line rather than do what is best for their electorate. Truly independent councillors can do this rather than just be lobby fodder for the leadership.


Trevor Alford

Portchester East

My name is Trevor Alford, I am putting myself forward as an Independent candidate in this May election. Originally from Brighton in Sussex, I now live and work in Portchester East ward. This enables me to understand all the local issues, your problems
are my problems.

I am married to Mary, spending most of my working life in or around the gas industry, initially as a Gas Engineer, and thereafter, supervision and management, and lastly apprentice training.

While moving to Portchester seven years ago, prior to that, I was a ward councillor, and a cabinet member within Brighton and Hove Unitary Council between 2007 and 2011. Subsequently, i stood as a Portchester East candidate in 2016 in the Fareham local elections, reducing an existing opposition majority 0f 1250 down to 60. Being the totally honest and fully transparent person that I believe I am, I am sure that I can be a positive force for Portchester.

Hopefully, you will feel able give me consideration this May.


Gerry Drabble

Hill Head Fareham

I was born and bred in Fareham and for the last 20 years I have lived in Hill Head. I was married for 17 years and I lost my wife to cancer in 2012. My two children aged 20 and 15 both attended local schools.

I Volunteer my time at QA hospital with end-of-life patients and I also support the harbor Cancer support centre in Gosport.

My objectives for Hill Head are:

To conserve the Strategic Gap.

To oppose any further house building unless it does not directly impact on the local area.

To have the streetlights turned back on again at night, which will lessen the risk of crime and make it safer for the residents of Hill Head.

To fight for the Glider Club to be returned to Daedalus.

To locate space for Community Allotments.


Bob Murphy

Park Gate

Hi, I am Bob, although I am new to the area, I’m passionate about local politics after spending 20 years in Sussex and 20 years in London. I have been politically active for most of that time and worked as an Accountant for many years before running my own business and I have held many positions of responsibility in community groups, often as the treasurer or secretary.

Councils all over the country are electing Independent Councillors. Voters are fed up with elected representatives blindly following the party line imposed from above and resorting to school playground insults and name calling. Councillors can represent their political party, or themselves or the people who elected them. Internal squabbles prevent decisions being made based on all the facts available and in the best interests of the area.

I promise to listen in person, on the phone, by email and Facebook. If Park Gate seems to want something which I am uncomfortable with, as your delegate, I will vote as instructed.