Stones from peoples drives on the pavement are a hazard both to wheelchair, scooter, and mobility scooter users as well as painful if you turn your ankle on them. Please sweep them back onto your drive.

Overgrown Shrubbery

Overgrown shrubbery such as this reduces the pavement to walk on thus making it more difficult to move aside when meeting someone coming towards you, quite important with the current social distancing advice.


Notifying FBC or The Salvation Army when the bottle banks or material banks start to overflow and look like this in the above picture!

Grass Verges

Many of our grass verges are being ruined by motorists parking or driving over them. Not only does it look a horrible mess but Streetscene find it exceedingly difficult to mow the remaining area successfully. We are continually informing HCC of these areas as they are responsible for repairing the damage.

Waste Collection

Some residents are concerned that Fareham Borough Council may well introduce a waste collection service (Green Bin) every 3 or 4 weeks rather than 2 The Independent group have no intention of supporting this, every 2 weeks is here to stay.