Your Independent councillors


Cllr Leslie Keeble

Group Leader - Opposition Spokesperson for Policy and Streetscene - Fareham West

Leaving Grammar school at the age of 16 I went to work for the national Coal Board for just over a year before I went as a student mental nurse to a large mental hospital.

I joined the Royal Navy medical branch In January 1960 studying for SRN training and then qualifying as a member of the Society of Radiographers and the Royal Society of Health., During my career of 31 years I held senior positions in Royal Naval Hospital Haslar and received Flag Officer Portsmouth’s commendation for my work with the casualties from the Falklands war. Secretary to 3 Admirals my last 4 years were spent at CDE Porton Down retiring in May 1991 as a Lt Cdr.

For the next 5 years I worked for Mencap and then with a friend at a motor home company until 2005.

Elected as a Conservative councillor in May 2000 I have been both Deputy Mayor and Mayor, Executive Portfolio holder For Health and Environment, Streetscene ,Service Performance & Improvement as well as Chairman of the Scrutiny Streetscene, Audit &Governance.

For 4 years as Chairman of Project Integra I chaired a working party and undertook a radical re organization as well as representing their concerns with government ministers.

Leaving the Conservative party in 2020 to become an independent with like minded councilors we formed our own group. Currently I am a member of the Planning and the Policy and Resources committees.
Before any council meeting I read the agenda items well beforehand, pay heed to resident’s views and concerns, clarify any points as necessary with the appropriate officers. During the meeting I listen to what the Deputees, Officers, and other councilors have to say, asking for further clarification if necessary.

When I vote my vote is cast entirely unencumbered by prior directives whilst considering the benefits to my Ward and Fareham residents,I and I alone am answerable to the electorate for my decision.

Cllr Leslie Keeble

Local Business

Cllr Geoff Fazackarley

Deputy Group Leader

I have been a ward councillor for 9 years. I have challenged and strove to achieve the best results. I plan to support local Transport services and instead of the 30 & 40 percent cuts that are planned for later in the year, I intend to fight every cut with a positive plan of increasing services. This will be achieved by working with Bus companies and different Transport providers to supply essential routes such as Fareham Community Hospital and QA Hospital.


Cllr Jack Englefield

Opposition Spokesperson for Leisure - Titchfield Common