Elections May 2021 – Our Values

To be elected to serve a community is an honour and a privilege.

A Councillor is elected:

to service first the Ward and secondly the larger community of Fareham
to listen and take forward the wishes of their community
to engage with the electorate and work to find solutions to issues that may have been years in the making

A Councillor is NOT elected

to represent themselves (which may come as a surprise to some.)
to make promises that cannot be delivered

As a Member of the Council the Councillor needs

to consider all evidence and then come to a judgement and accept responsibility for the decision. Mistakes must be acknowledged
A Councillor must be free to fulfil the role and not be shackled by controlling influences: independence is a crucial part.

Seven Principles are of upmost importance for an Independent Councillor

  1. Selflessness – acting solely in terms of public interest
  2. Integrity – not acting or taking decisions for financial or other material benefits for themselves, family or friends. A Councillor must declare and resolve any interests and relationships.
  3. Objectivity – holders of this Office must act and take decisions impartially, fairly, on merit using best evidence and without discrimination or bias.
  4. Accountability – Independent Members are accountable for their decisions and actions & must submit themselves to the scrutiny to ensure this happens.
  5. Openess – Decisions should be taken openly & transparently Information should not be withheld unless stated in law.
  6. Honesty – truthful.
  7. Leadership – Members behaviour should exhibit these Principles & be willing to challenge poor behaviour whenever and wherever it occurs.

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