Elections May 2021

To be elected to serve a community is an honour and a privilege. A councillor is elected to service first his ward and secondly the larger community of Fareham. Councillors are elected to listen and take forward the wishes of their community, engage with them, work to find solutions to issues that may have been years in the making. What a member is not elected to do, is to represent themselves, that might come as a surprise to some.

One rule, sometimes you may be a messenger of unfavorable news, however, being open and honest is the best route, to promise something that cannot be delivered is fatal.

Of course, in making decisions a member needs to weigh up all the evidence and then come to a judgment. Once a member has made a final decision, he or she owns it, no passing the buck or blaming others, one accepts responsibility. Councillors will get things wrongs, why shouldn’t they, we all make mistakes, however, the secret in making an error is to learn from them and importantly acknowledge them.

In undertaking the task of a councillor is not for the faint-hearted if one wishes to push the boat out and extend the reins of freedom from a leadership who sole purpose in life is to control every spectacle of dust that may travel across their desk.

From day one a new councillor must make a decision. Join a flock of sheep or be independent-minded. Sheep are quadrupedal and have a tendency to follow even when that is not a good idea, perhaps they relate to the idea there’s safety in numbers.

Over the 5 years I have been a councillor a large number of my fellow members certainly believe in the hypothesis that, by being part of a large physical group or mass, an individual is less likely to be the victim of a mishap, accident, attack, or another bad event.

In my opinion that does not make for good decision making, collective responsibility is an excuse to do nothing, just simply raise one’s hand when requested to do so. Tedious, some would say?

The other choice a new member has is to be free from the shackles that are designed to control them and become independent-minded and validate the numerous paths one must tread, free from pressure and influence of other members.

That path is tough, one must give up the cream. One is treated with horror because you start to explore and ask questions.

The second path servers the residents of Fareham better, it allows challenge but above all, it can help to put those who have a proneness to become control freaks in their box.

Being Independent you are divorced from what some call the family, collection of Members, but then if others can’t be civil that’s their problem.

If you believe you can make a difference to your community and are happy to be free from the herd mentality which can be often seen in local policies, then consider standing in May Local Elections as an independent candidate and help free Fareham from the obsessive-compulsive attitude that exists at present – my way is the only way.

No, there is a better way, Independent, be free.

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