Recruit Candidates

Independent Candidates for Fareham

A number of elections are scheduled to take place on 6th May 2021, including those postponed in May 2020.

Are you looking for ‘Change’?

Are you looking for a Council that is prepared to listen?  

Do you wish your council to engage in meaningful consultation or treat the whole process as a glorified pat on the back?  

Do you wish to have a council that reflects your aspirations?

Change is not easy and to create change requires ‘YOU’ to play your part. Change to the political structure of our council will not be currently delivered and we hope that it will be brought about by YOU the residents supporting the independent candidates. It will not be delivered by merely crossing your fingers and hoping some other kind soul will do the job for you. If that is your expectation you will be bitterly disappointed.  Change needs ‘YOU’ to play ‘YOUR’ PART.  

Step up to the plate and stand for The Independent Group, we have a few vacancies in local wards across Fareham.

If you seek change then work for it, support it and vote for it, vote for The Independent Group candidate on May 6th

Let us together bring Change to Fareham, it is long overdue, let us retire those who have failed to deliver and never learn from their continuous mistakes.

The Independent Group needs your support to deliver the political change Fareham is so badly in need of, be part of it, help us to deliver change.

The Independent Group, the voice of our communities.