Hampshire County Council 20 Minute Parking Still Not Good Enough

Fareham Parking

Dear residents, another great success story from Fareham Independent Group, residents, and business owners in Fareham. We the people of Fareham united have stopped the implementation of new arbitrary parking charges in Fareham by the Conservative run council.

Members of the Fareham Independent Group initiated contact and met with the shop owners in Fareham High Street and discussed the damaging implications of the parking charges to their businesses and to the residents of Fareham. This united the business owners to act, which resulted in the MP objecting to the parking charges.

This new collective resident group is working for the good of the community and forced our MP to at last listen and represent Fareham rather than just Westminister. We still need to take action and take control of the council to fight the reduction time in the free parking from 40 minutes to 20 minutes which still damages the business owners and puts stress on the residents fearing penalty charges.

Our MP seems to have gone silent on this. By the residents taking control of the council these arbitrary enforcements that damage our community will stop.

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