Jeannie Wigmore working for the Community

In June, a request was posted on social media for Chair bags to be made for Crofton Anne Dale Federated Schools, to help with the Pandemic and minimising risk of contamination.
This allowed Infant and Junior pupils to keep their own books and pencils on the back of their chairs and not having to share.

chair bag
Finnished Chair Bag

I had a large amount of fabric as I make soft furnishings, such as Curtains and Blinds for myself and friends.
Once I’d worked out the size of material needed and its design to make them, Angela Hurst helped by cutting the fabric out. My lounge was taken over for a few weeks and it was like being back to work full-time. Lol

Friend Angela Hurst
Jean Wigmore and Angela Hurst

I then overlocked all 4 edges and made them into my design and set about sewing them together make the bags.
I made 150 in total and handed them over to a member of staff, Mrs Shelverton, Senior Admin at the school.

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