Welborne M27 Junction 10

Once again Fareham Borough Councillors are deliberately kept in the dark concerning issues surrounding the funding of J10.

On January 27th, Planning Applications – P17/0266OA – WELBORNE LAND NORTH OF FAREHAM was considered by The Planning Committee


The officer’s report 


Updated Officers report 


Viability report


What is astounding is the following document tabled for a meeting of the Hampshire County Council Cabinet dated 9th February brings into question the funding arrangements of J10 and the soundness of the project which is pivotal to Welborne going forward.


Are we to believe many of the facts surrounding J10 which are expressed in the HCC document dated 9th of February were not known to Fareham Borough Council at the time when the planning committee of FBC met to consider the Welborne planning application?  

It is outrageous that none of the concerns raised by HCC found their way into the report that was presented to the FBC planning committee.  FBC councillors once again kept in the dark.

The question is, WHY?

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