Welborne Secret’s

Welborne Secret's

It is a Secret

Cllr Shaun Cunningham on behalf of the Independent Group on Fareham Borough Council attempted to get Welborne debated by the Planning and Development Scrutiny Panel. Sadly there was no will from other panel members to debate due to the sensitivity which surrounds Welborne. The proposals put forward by Shaun Cunningham was to ask Buckland Developments to give an update to the Planning and Development Panel. That was just too much to ask and the request was rejected by other panel members.

So what we have is a small number of Conservative Councillors knowing the full facts about the deepening problematic issues surrounding Welborne and Junction 10 while other Elected members are kept at arm’s length.

This report by Hampshire Country Council should be of concern to all members and yet the information is only available on the Hampshire Country Council website. There has been no brief to Fareham Council’s members, only those who need to know!

The report says

“Fareham Borough Council has requested that the County Council provide a formal position in respect of its future involvement in the M27 Junction 10 Improvement Scheme, ‘the Scheme’ as Delivery Body. The Borough Council requires a Delivery Body to be named to enable the conclusion of the Housing and Infrastructure Fund Agreement before the end of February 2021 in accordance with requirements from Homes England”


Goes on to say

‘In light of these developments there is a growing assumption that all the funding is now in place to deliver the scheme, however, in reality, the precise costs, and therefore the amount of funding required cannot be confirmed without the final tender price”

Panic sets in!

Fareham Borough Council was so alarmed by the report , HCC after discussions with Fareham issued Revised Recommendation.


Being a member of Fareham Borough Council one would think Borough Councillors would know what is going on, sadly that is not the case.

Transparency is only alive when it suits Fareham Borough Council, other times the word is utterly meaningless.

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